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Programme Details

RISE participants will choose one of three specialised digital pathways – Business & Data Analytics, Digital Sales & Marketing or Digital Transformation & Change Management – depending on preference and background experience. Common across all three pathways are a set of core business and digital foundational courses that aim to provide a holistic skillset grounded in real life industry context and experience. Unlike traditional university courses and corporate trainings, this programme takes a differentiated, application-based approach to learning. Expect project-based teachings guided by industry practitioners from a pragmatic, hands-on perspective.

Unique Project-Based Learning

Our pedagogical approach to this programme is very unique. RISE is not training for the sake of training, but to equip you with the skills and a portfolio of experiences to be able to drive real world impact. Below are examples of the possible projects that you may be involved in during the course.

Developing a digital marketing strategy for a new consumer product

Optimising SEO marketing campaign for a traditional brick and mortar retailer

Analysing a customer database to determine pricing strategy for a new service

Creating an analytics dashboard and data visualisation for a new initiative

Creating a digitised performance management toolkit

How it works

Registration and Enrolment

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Official registration has started and places are filling up fast. Please apply early for the assessment and interview

Pay $500 course fee after enrolment confirmation (redeemable against SkillsFuture Credits)

Six-Month Certification Programme

360 degrees overview of Core Business & Digital Fundamentals

Accelerated, in-depth coverage of one of several Specialised Digital Pathways

Successful learners or graduates are awarded DigitalBCG Academy Certification

Placement Assistance

Successful graduates will receive support on CV and interview preparation, as well as placement assistance

Eligibility Criteria

Please review the following eligibility requirements carefully before applying to RISE. Candidates will be selected on an aptitude and attitude basis.

Open to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents

No age limit for applicants

Minimum academic qualification of diploma or bachelor’s degree

Minimum 2 years of work experience

Currently unemployed or able to commit to a full-time training course with 60 / 70+ hours a month

Basic literacy in operating a computer and browsing the internet

Not enrolled in any other SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme-Company Training or SGUnited Skills Programme currently or in the past

Did not graduate or will not be graduating in calendar Year 2019, 2020 or 2021 from any tertiary education institution (this includes polytechnics, universities and post graduate programmes whether local or foreign; this includes diplomas, bachelors, masters, MBA and post-grad diplomas/certificates)

Did not complete or will not be completing National Service in calendar Year 2019, 2020 or 2021

Not currently residing overseas

Potential Job Placements

Source reference: Burning Glass and BCG Analysis (2020)

Salary ranges are dependent on number of years of experience.

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Most frequently asked questions

  • Can I enroll if I am employed?

    SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme – Company Training is targeted at helping unemployed individuals.

    Furthermore, RISE has a heavy workload, i.e. 4-6 hours of scheduled classes on 4 working days per week during working hours. For someone with a full-time job, it is very hard to handle the workload and schedule. For someone with some part time work with flexible workload and schedule, it may be possible.

    Therefore, RISE will not consider applicants who have full-time work commitment. If you are serving your notice period, please make sure you will be fully available by your course start date and please remember to select “unemployed” as your employment status on the registration form.

  • How do I know which pathway is right for me?

    We encourage you to do your own research into which of the three digital pathways fit your interests and are more aligned with your future career goals. We will also assist you by assessing your CV and guiding you towards a pathway that will most likely resonate with your current work experience and skills.

  • Do I have to pay for RISE?

    Yes. The net fee after government subsidy is $500. This is a one-time fee and payable to complete the enrolment process. Learners can redeem their SkillsFuture Credit to subsidise this fee.

  • What is the mode of learning?

    Participants will undergo a 6-month full-time training that is conducted completely virtually. The course will be taught through a combination of live lectures, workshops, real company projects and e-learning.

  • Looking for more information?

    You may also refer to PUBLIC FAQS provided by SSG