DigitalBCG Academy regularly conducts public runs of our training programmes. We are currently running the following two courses:

Business Essentials:

A distillation of the core critical skills important for every business professional to thrive in today’s uncertain, ever evolving business context. Skills covered include:

  • Framing and hypothesis driven problem solving
  • Getting to the “so-what” of the analysis
  • Storylining and messaging
  • Stakeholder engagement and alignment

Digital Essentials:

A holistic overview of the current digital landscape, how new technologies are impacting businesses and implications for leaders. Skills covered include:

  • Driving successful digital transformations
  • Overview of key technology trends (AI, blockchain, AR/VR, cloud, etc) for business leaders
  • Human centered approach to digital innovation
  • Agile ways of working

Contact Us

For more details on the public runs of these programmes, please reach out to the team at with the email subject as “Interest in Other Programmes”