Learning Journey

How do I know which specialised pathway is the right fit for me?

We encourage you to do your own research into which of the three digital pathways fit your interests and are more aligned with your future career goals. We will also assist you by assessing your CV and guiding you towards a pathway that will most likely resonate with your current work experience and skills.

What if I cannot cope with the programme?

RISE is a training programme for people who are looking to re-skill into a digital area and the curriculum does not require prior digital knowledge to complete. If however, you find yourself struggling – please reach out! We have a multi-layer support system from Trainers, TAs, mentors, programme staff as well as your group team members and peers. There is always help available to help you succeed.

Is there any opportunity for me to network with potential employers during the programme?

The RISE programme will include a series of masterclasses with industry leaders as well as talks from BCG practitioners. In addition, the final capstone project will be on a real project working in collaboration with a corporate or government partner. For successful RISE graduates, there will be placement assistance provided.

Will I get any support to improve my interview skills?

Yes! RISE includes a series of foundational classes that are designed to hone your soft skillset such as communication and interviewing.

How will I be benefited from RISE if I want to start my own business after the programme?

As part of the RISE programme, you will learn foundational skills that are extremely relevant to creating a successful startup such as critical problem solving. Also, depending on what digital pathway you chose, the specific technical skills will be very helpful. For example, learning to create a SEO and content marketing strategy from the Digital Sales & Marketing specialisation.

Are there any examinations at the end of the course?

There will be assessments throughout the 6-month period such as regular quizzes, assignments, and group projects. The objective of the assessments is not to fail you but to enhance your learning effectiveness.

Are there any group assignments or projects in the course? What support can we get from BCG?

Yes, the RISE program places emphasis on projects to make the six-month program experiential. There are various projects embedded throughout the programme in addition of a hackathon and capstone project.

Mentors will be assigned and feedback will be provided for the hackathon and capstone projects.

Is this course targeted for specific industries?

The RISE Programme is relevant across industries. Case examples in the programme will focus on industries with higher demand for talent – e.g. Finance, Telcom, Media, Technology, e-commerce.

What are the profiles of the facilitators?

RISE Programme facilitators are practitioners cum trainers with extensive years of industry experience.

What are the advantages of acquiring certification from the RISE Academy than traditional learning institutions?

The traditional academy courses are highly academic and less aligned with real industry requirements. Recruiters and large companies that we have discussed with emphasised capabilities and skills over academic certificates, which is in line with what the RISE Programme intends to inculcate.

Additionally, BCG is a recognised global management consulting firm. Acquiring a digital BCG certification enables participants to leverage the BCG brand to lift profile credibility.