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Whether it’s the evolution of digital and AI, the shifts in work models and customer expectations, or the need to address climate and sustainability issues, the pace of global change is dizzying. To bridge the gap between market demands and skill supply. RISE is helping Singapore upskill to build in-demand skills.

Presenting unique, upto 95% subsidised programme designed to build high-demand business, technology and Green skills.

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  • Build "Applicable" skills. Learn from industry standard experts practitioners

    “Practical Application at Its Core”- Our live classes are meticulously designed to ensure direct application of learnings to your career, business, and future job roles. Elevate your skills with a program curated and taught by esteemed global BCG and industry practitioners. Benefit from their expertise and insights to drive your success. Immerse yourself in an educational experience that emphasizes practical application and experience-based learning. Gain the hands-on knowledge you need to excel in your industry.

  • Prepare to Transform Your Career? Here's How!

    Join our exclusive “Ask Me Anything” career seminars featuring industry experts who successfully transitioned to digital and green careers from diverse industries! Elevate your CV with personalized resume support from seasoned experts, ensuring your application stands out in the competitive job market. Immerse yourself in our in-class sessions, gaining insights into burgeoning sectors and high-demand jobs to accelerate your career growth. Unlock opportunities within our exclusive network, a hub of individuals that has facilitated numerous successful job placements and valuable business connections. Receive special invitations and timely updates about career fairs in Singapore, offering you a direct path to potential employers and exciting career prospects!

  • Become a part of RISE's huge network of individuals, organizations and recruiters

    Join a dynamic community with access to invaluable industry networks and peer mentorship. Grow not only your knowledge but also your connections for a thriving career journey. Engage with over 100 leading companies through RISE masterclasses, networking events, and capstones, gaining a direct line to valuable industry connections and opportunities. Become a proud member of our extensive RISE alumni system, consisting of 2000+ successful graduates from diverse backgrounds and experiences, paving the way for your future success. Enjoy the privilege of being invited to our exclusive webinars, workshops, and industry events, giving you an edge in staying updated with the latest trends and developments in your field.

  • Gain real company project experience

    Capstone Experience: Tackle Real Projects with Major Corporations and Local SMEs! Innovate and Win with BCG: Hackathons for Idea Incubation and BCG Support for Winners! Forge Your Leadership Path: Enhance Skills with a Resilient Mindset on a Personal Journey!

  • Go through a curriculum designed from market insights and employer demands

    Explore our world-class program, condensed to deliver two years’ worth of learning, ensuring you stay in sync with dynamic industry demands. Acquire vital skillsets infused with practical business context and applications, empowering you to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Experience a curriculum validated against market demand data, designed to align with available job opportunities in Singapore. Your path to success starts here.

  • Boost your credentials with our BCG-U Certification

    Boost Your Credentials with the Prestigious BCG U Certificate – Backed by the Renowned BCG Brand

RISE graduates are forging new paths

What learners think

I am blown away by the structure, rigor and professionalism of this program, including the strong industry orientation and focus – it is like a cram school for those who want to get a leg into the digital industry

Live classes and coaching sessions by trainers are super enriching given their industry insights and consulting experience. The best part is the Capstone also allows us to exercise and apply our learnings in a safe working environment

Very application focused, I can directly apply the tools and methodologies learnt in my  job at my new job



What companies think

Within this short programme, it is very impressive that candidates are able to rise up to the occasion to build robust data models in combination with sound business recommendations. (comment on real project work)

– Head of Digital, Health Care Major

Capstone problem solving looks like professional consulting work… impressed by how learners have picked up such a good breadth of digital topics within a short period of time.

– Director of Human Resources, Leading Media Organization

The combination of business and digital skills picked up in RISE will really help our digitalization efforts. We’re looking forward to going down this new exciting path with our employee.

– Health Tech Company

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