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Registration & Enrolment

  • Can I enroll if I am employed?

    Yes! RISE2.0 is open to fully employed and part-time employed individuals. Trainees will be enrolled under Track 2, which is specifically designed with a higher proportion of self-paced learning and live sessions outside of normal working hours to ensure compatibility with your existing working schedule

  • How do I know which pathway is right for me?

    We encourage you to do your own research into which of the three digital pathways fit your interests and are more aligned with your future career goals. We will also assist you by assessing your CV and guiding you towards a pathway that will most likely resonate with your current work experience and skills.

  • What is the selection process like for RISE 2.0?

    All eligible candidates will have their CV screened and take an aptitude test. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to take an interview and the final selection will be made.

  • Is the course for my chosen track and specialization going to start in the next coming wave?

    Please note that in some instances, a particular choice of track and specialization (e.g. Digital Sales & Marketing – Track 2) may only be launched on specific months and not in the next upcoming wave. However, you are encouraged to complete the selection process to secure your slot in the class.

  • For how long will RISE 2.0 go on in the foreseeable future?

    RISE 2.0 is set up with a long-term perspective in mind to continuously reskill Singapore’s workforce with high-demand business and digital skills. However, the actual program run will depend on multiple factors including overall program demand.

  • How does the timeline look like from the shortlisting of applicants to commencement of the course?

    Generally, we will require around 2-3 weeks to process applications. We encourage applicants to fill up the registration form, submit their documents and complete the relevant screening processes promptly to expedite their application.

  • Can I send employees from my company to join RISE 2.0?

    RISE 2.0 is designed to maximise employability and support job placement for individuals. If you would like to send your employees to training, we would recommend that you apply for RISE for Business instead at However, if you are still very keen to apply your employees for RISE 2.0, please write your appeal to and we will evaluate on a case by case basis.


  • Can I use PSEA to offset the net course fee?

    No, you may not use PSEA to offset the course fee.

  • If I was previously enrolled in an SGUnited skills training program, can I enrol in RISE 2.0?

    Yes, you can still enroll in RISE 2.0 and will be eligible for funding.

  • Am I entitled to a refund if I don’t complete the programme?

    Trainees who exit the programme without a valid reason, may be asked to return the course fee subsidy that they have received, including any additional course fee funding support.

  • Will a training allowance be provided?

    Unfortunately, there will be no training allowance provided under the RISE2.0 programme


  • If I was rejected from RISE 1.0, can I reapply for RISE 2.0?

    Yes, you can apply for the RISE 2.0 program. You will be required to fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria and pass the relevant screening processes as part of a new application.

  • If I was previously enrolled in RISE 1.0, can I enrol in RISE 2.0?

    Unfortunately, you will not be eligible to enrol in RISE 2.0.

  • If I was previously enrolled in RISE 1.0 but dropped out during the course, can I enrol in RISE 2.0?

    Unfortunately, you will not be eligible to enrol in RISE 2.0.

Classes & Scheduling

  • What is the class schedule?

    On average, there will be approximately 20 hours of learning per week for Track 1 and 11 hours of learning per week for Track 2. These hours will be divided into mandatory live classes/working sessions and self-paced e-learning modules.
    Track 1 live classes will be scheduled during weekday working hours
    • On average 5 to 6 live sessions a week
    Track 2 live classes will be scheduled during weekday evenings or on Saturdays (mornings or afternoons)
    • On average 2 to 3 live sessions a week
    Full details of the schedule will be released once you confirm a place in the program.

  • What is the mode of learning?

    RISE2.0 will be conducted completely virtually though a combination of live lectures, workshops, interactive self-paced e-learnings and real company projects

  • Do I receive a certification after I complete the training?

    Yes, you will receive a DigitalBCG Academy certification if you complete the programme and have met the attendance & assessment passing criteria.

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