Can I enroll to RISE if i am employed?

RISE is a full-time training programme, existing trainees and jobseekers should not apply for the programme if they are unable to commit to full-time training

If you are currently employed but it’s confirmed that your last day is before 31 Mar 2021, you can still apply. Please remember to select “unemployed” as your employment status on the registration form. If you select “employed”, you will automatically be disqualified.

Can I apply to RISE if I am already part of a SkillsFuture Singapore programme?

No. In order to provide opportunities for as many Singaporeans and Permanent Residents as possible, individuals can only enrol in the SGUnited Skills or SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme – Company Training once. Even if you have exited from the previous program, you will not be eligible for RISE.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to RISE?

RISE is open to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents, with no age limit. Applications are invited from graduates (on or before 2018) from polytechnics, government and private universities, overseas other educational institutions. Excluded: those graduating in calendar year 2019/2020/2021 from Institute of Technical Education, polytechnics, government, private and overseas universities and institutions. The exclusions include those who have completed or are completing their National Service in calendar year 2019/2020/2021 and are entering the labour force. Two years of minimum work experience is required, along with basic IT literacy.

Can I be part of the RISE programme if after completing the SGUnited Skills course I was unable to find employment?

No. In order to provide opportunities for as many Singaporeans and Permanent Residents as possible, individuals can enroll either for the SGUnited Skills or RISE programmes and not both.

What happens if I fail to complete the programme?

Similar to existing requirements for other training grants administered by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), trainees must fulfill minimum attendance requirements and pass the assessments to qualify for course fee subsidies. Trainees who are unable to meet these requirements will need to obtain written approval from SSG and/or BCG.

Can I attend the programme if I am NOT located in Singapore?

Thank you for your interest in RISE. We are accepting invitations only from candidates who are based in Singapore. If you are currently based overseas, we are sorry to inform that you are not eligible to take part in the programme.

Is Tech/STEM background a prerequisite for this course?

There are no prerequisites for the RISE Programme. We are happy to consider applicants with strong attitude and aptitude even if they have no tech/STEM background.

Assessments are carried out via CV screening, mental ability test and interview. We are looking for participants who are motivated to learn, and ready to switch careers.

If I have secured a job, can I continue to attend the programme?

Participants will not be allowed to continue with RISE training if they manage to secure a job.

Is there suitable age group for this RISE Programme?

There is no age cap. We are looking for participants who are motivated to learn, and ready to switch careers across age groups.

Are participants who are self-employed eligible?

Participants who are self-employed are eligible for application. However, do note that the minimum attendance criteria of 75% throughout the six-month programme must be met.

How long is the application process for the RISE Programme?

The application process consists of a CV screening, mental ability test and interview. You will be notified on the status of your application throughout the process. The application timeline from receiving your application to an offer is ~2 weeks.

How will the interview be conducted?

The interview will be conducted virtually. Firstly, we would like to learn more about you, your motivations for joining the RISE programme, and assess your commitment for the six-month programme.

Secondly, we will also assess your suitability for the related course specialisation in the RISE Programme (Digital Sales & Marketing, Business & Data Analytics or Digital Transformation & Change Management).

I encountered a technical difficulty during the mental ability test. How will this affect my assessment?

Please contact BCG at contact@bcg-rise.com for any technical glitches/difficulties faced.

Are calculators allowed for the mental ability test?

No, calculators are not allowed during the test.

I already filled my application and thought I could only choose one specialisation. However, I realise I would be interested in a different one. Is this something I should bring up in the interview session or should I send my interest before the interview.

If you have not done your mental ability test, you can resubmit you application. If you have already taken the mental ability test, you can also bring up this conversation during the interview session.

What is the chance of securing an interview?

You will be shortlisted for an interview if you meet the eligibility requirements and demonstrate the desired attitude and aptitude traits throughout the application process.

Can participants choose multiple specialisations during the application?

Applicants can choose more than one specialisation. After the assessment and interview, we will discuss with the participant to finalise a decision.

Can I appeal to change my specialisation if my offer specialisation is different from what I am interested in?

Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.