Digital Transformation & Change Management

Course Introduction

Have you been frequently bombarded by tech buzzwords such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud but have no idea how they actually work? Have you also felt the impacts of digital on jobs and skills? In Singapore, key new technologies are disrupting the business world and changing our daily life. Join our RISE Digital Transformation & Change Management program to build a deeper understanding of key technology trends that shape digital transformations and cause disruptions. You will learn how digital use cases can unlock new opportunities to address needs and reshape the full value chain. By the end of the course, you will not only become well-versed with digital languages but also create a digital transformation plan for your organisation.

Course Duration

Full time track duration: 10 weeks

Part time track duration: 18 weeks

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a business and digital orientated mindset and skillset through structured problem solving and building business cases directly from BCG’s own toolkits
  • Understand the current digital & technology landscape, grasp concepts of key emerging technologies (Cyber, AI, Cloud etc.) and learn how it impacts business outcomes and accelerates digital transformation
  • Learn how digital transformation works & identify relevant digital use cases through simulated client scenarios
  • Set up transformation project & manage change through grasping the foundations of PMO and change management toolkits
  • Understand agile ways of working and learn how to execute agile methods in digital project delivery


Business essentials

  • Structured problem solving (Learn from BCG’s toolkit)
  • Build a business case
  • Business communications

Digital essentials

  • Digital transformation
  • AI and data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Introduction to human centered
    design and user research
  • Journey mapping and ideation


  • Digital transformation foundations and success factors
  • Toolkits to identify and prioritize digital opportunities
  • Understanding core modern enterprise architecture concepts
  • Managing cyber risks
  • Understanding technology ecosystem in Singapore
  • Driving program management and managing change initiatives
  • Adopting agile ways of working