Digital Transformation & Change Management


•  Toolkit to identify and prioritize digital opportunities with DVF framework

• Craft transformation roadmap

• Drive process automation (RPA etc.)

• Understand cloud transformation, API, cyber security, Digital & Data Platform

• Digital project management; Set up and run PMO team

• Operationalize digital delivery (DevOps, SDLC)

• Stakeholder and change management

• Understand nuances of digital transformation in diff. industries (case studies)

• Structured problem solving (learn from BCG toolkit)

• Building business case (learn from BCG toolkit)

• Storylining, presentation and communication (learn from BCG toolkit)

• Human—centered design and Design thinking

• Digital use case and lifecycle

• Business excel modelling

• Agile (new ways of working in digital teams)

Potential Project Experiences

•  Create a digital transformation strategy for a local wholesale trade company to digitize its supply chain, sales operations and processes

•  Design a digital training plan and materials for multiple departments including IT and business units to support organization—wide digital transformation, key topics include agile ways of working and human centered design


Target Roles

Business Manager (with digital understanding), Internal Transformation Consultant, PMO Manager, Change Manager, Business Analyst, IT Project Manager


Salary Ranges

Average monthly: $6,000