Digital Sales & Marketing


•  Driving next-gen digital sales (B2C e-commerce acceleration, B2B channels)

•  Pricing & promotion optimization

•  Maximising sales force effectiveness

•  Analytics & customer insights

•  Digital marketing and sales funnel

•  Integrated marketing strategies

•  SEO and SEM (Google Ads/SA 360)

•  Social media marketing (FB and Instagram)

•  Content marketing

•  Campaign setup and execution

• Structured problem solving (learn from BCG toolkit)

• Building business case (learn from BCG toolkit)

• Storylining, presentation and communication (learn from BCG toolkit)

• Human-centered design and Design thinking

• Digital use case and lifecycle

• Business excel modelling

• Agile (new ways of working in digital teams)

Potential Project Experiences

•  Create and implement a SEO-driven organic marketing strategy for a local clothing retailer, projected to boost online store visits by 60% and increase sales by 10% over 3 weeks

•  Launch a concentrated e-mail marketing campaign and grow contact base for a professional services company by projected 40% and reduce customer acquisition costs by 10%


Target Roles

E-commerce Executive and Digital Sales and Marketing Executive/Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst/Associate, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Special Media Professional, Digital Marketing Strategist


Salary Ranges

Average monthly: $3,800